Beginners Guide to Social Media & Branding Online

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Social Media is an online communication medium that enables digital interaction and communication. Basically it is a digital place for conversation where we share ideas, learn, find information and interact with others. The 72% of all internet users are now active in Social Media. So probably you already know the importance of that, but how do you start building your presence or your brand on Social Media? You need to develop certain strategies to build your presence on most popular Social Media Channels like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many others.

Let’s assume that you would like to start with the most popular ones like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, below is some basic info about these digital networks:

  • Facebook: There are now 1.15 billion users. Generally Facebook loves graphic designs and lots of pictures about you. As usual you need to create a good profile of yourself. You should post regularly and strategically.
  • Google+: It has 1 billion members and over 350 million active users. Great platform to publish, share and interact based on shared interests. You can work on your profile or you may create a business page too. One of the nicest features here is you can create circles of interest in many fields and post or comment on the posts there.
  • Twitter: Now there is 550 million registered users. It is like ongoing conversation; you can listen then join the conversation. Tweeting some interesting information at least once or twice a day will build your brand and you should comment on the posts relentlessly.
  • LinkedIn: The Professional Network. It has 300 million members. Great place for business connections. You can introduce your personal profile and resume or people behind your business. You can always ask recommendations from those you know there.

Impressive personal profile

First of all, you need to create a strong basic info and impressive personal profile and that should include your cover photo. You can tell your story in ten words describing you best.

Once you build your presence on these sites, you should start posting there and when posting you can post about what you are reading, learning, writing, doing or even promoting. However, the most important point is the quality and the relevancy of the content. It should have real value for the readers. You should share some interesting content; blogs, videos, relevant articles. You can share content directly to communities and circles. It is a very good idea to build in lots of visual content – photos, videos, diagrams, graphs. It is a great strategy to follow many (especially the leaders or the influencers with many followers) and get followed back. In your posts you should always remember about the content and the relevancy that starts and ends with having context about the person, place, object or situation. Blogging is another good strategy to establish your presence or brand online. You can read and comment on lots of blogs, both inside and outside your interest area. You can write to share something valuable with others in your community. Then you should engage with comments on your blog.

Once you established your presence on Social Media, it is time to start Managing your Online Presence properly and also to learn about Social Media Policies & Strategies.

Social Media Etiquette is one more important point to mention, before we finish. That you should respect when you are posting anything on Social Media. Basically that is about to promote others more than you promote yourself or your business. You should listen carefully, respond quickly and share helpful information. You should always think about the valuable content and relevancy. Also you should be careful about posting negative comments which could influence your online presence or even ranking negatively too. You should thank everyone who shared your content or commented on your article. It is nice to be helpful to your community.

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